KOK Project

KOK Project

KOK PROJECT is a next-generation digital content platform that combines AI and blockchain, the core of Industry 4.0 We aim to solve the issues of the digital content market and drive the growth of the industry through blockchain technology.


The digital content market is about USD 1 billion and is showing a steady annual growth of 10%. This is an emerging market that is growing more than ever. In particular, with the advancement of AI and big data technology and reduction of working hours, this growth is expected to accelerate further due to the increase in leisure time.


As global content platforms such as Google, Apple, and Netflix dominate content distribution, problems such as content uniformity, content quality deterioration due to high fees, and inequality of opportunities are occurring. In addition, the lack of a standardized payment system that fits all countries and problem of owning digital content are preventing competent content providers from entering the market, creating a major barrier to market expansion.



The goal is to build a decentralized digital content platform that is fair and shareable and creators can do many things by utilizing blockchain technology.