KOK tokens are largely divided into KOK tokens and KOK NFTs, and are used for payment of digital contents, possession, distribution, and rewards as the key currency of the ecosystem.

Basic Information

Total to be issued: 5 billion

Market Performance

Mint Policy

The issuance and distribution of KOK tokens is determined by the token's original value, transaction value, circulation volume, consumption volume, etc. according to Choe's ecology formula, and is designed to finally converge and maintain a certain number. In other words, we maintain the optimized circulation according to the supply and demand of the token so that the original value of the token can continuously increase.

In addition, as it has contributed to the expansion of the ecosystem, rather than a simple hash power fight, it is designed as a virtuous cycle structure that enables continuous expansion and development of the ecosystem by allowing more rewards through mining.

KOK NFT Protocol

We provide NFT smart contracts and related libraries optimized for digital content. Through the KOK NFT protocol, it is possible to trade and own various contents such as games (items), music, and videos.

Through this, it is possible not only to secure content production costs through crowdfunding, but also to give value to and receive recognition for a series of actions from production to consumption such as fair distribution to numerous participants in the production pipeline, and content transactions. KOK NFT runs on the 4th generation KOK mainnet, providing lower fees, faster speeds, and SDK (KDDK) optimized for digital content.